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Desch IPP Sp. z o.o. is a plastic processing company and a leading manufacturer of flower pots and containers for nurseries and horticulture.

The company was operating on the market since 1991 under the name Interplast Plastic Products Sp. z o.o. The Dutch company Desch Plantpak became its owner in September 2020. Since August 2022 the name of the company is Desch IPP Sp. z o.o.


Our basic products are: a wide range of flower pots and containers for gardening and plant nurseries with volumes from 0,08 L up to 65 L which,

depending on a model and dimensions, are used in a professional growing of flowers and decorative plants, ornamental and fruit – growing trees,

as well as some vegetables and fruits.


The company produces pots adjusted to various technologies of plant cultivation, including fully mechanized, both under glass as well as in open fields.

Our offer also includes decorative hanging pots and bowls.

A whole range of transport trays for square and round flower pots, buckets for cut flowers, plastic crates for transport and storage of products, including plants in flower pots, are the next group of products.


Traditional flower pots in black more often are being replaced by flower pots in colours, including those in 100% from recycled waste collection and recyclable again.


The use of modern manufacture technologies and design enables production of goods of the highest quality standards which attract a variety of buyers from many markets worldwide.





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